Roger Edwards, 2014 (SBOH#001)

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Roger Edwards, 2014 (SBOH#001)

Amongst current residents, Roger has one of the longest histories at Salmon Beach, and he has served as the community’s local historian for much of that time. He’s also the author of Tacoma’s Salmon Beach (Arcadia Publishing). His first recollections of the beach begin in 1962, when he bought cabin #39. In this wide-roving interview, Roger discusses some of the owners and people he first encountered here at the beach and some of the social politics that characterized the community at that time; he describes the community’s knack for salvaging old materials to build these cabins, cottages and houses. His interview mentions portions of the histories of cabins 39, 63, 46, 21, 61, and 62. There’s a description of the challenges of moving pianos to the beach, and Roger describes some of the old records that he’s collected over the decades. That collection of materials includes the old phone book at the root of his commitment to the community’s local historian.

Key Information:
Name: Roger Edwards
Age: 73
Current Cabin: 46
Date of Interview: October 11, 2014
Interviewer: Elena Becker (Puget Sound)

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SBOH#001: Roger Edwards 2014 Transcription