Marilyn Mahoney and Roger Edwards (SBOH#020)

In this interview — another in the sequence of interviews with Roger and Marilyn collected by the SBOH project — Marilyn talks at some length about her own arrival at Salmon Beach and the history of cabin 46. With Roger contributing to the conversation, they’re able to place accurate dates on numerous events that underpinned Salmon Beach’s evolution to the community we experience there today. Marilyn also provides the project with a bit of background to her interest in sculpture, including the mermaid sculpture located at one of the mid-beach gaps. Marilyn also repeatedly points to the community ethos of Salmon Beach as the real treasure of the community. This interview contains a bevy of valuable detail.

Key Information:

Names: Marilyn Mahoney and Roger Edwards
Age: 80 and 76.
Current Cabin: #46
Date of Interview: February 18, 2017
Interviewer: Noelle Reed (Puget Sound)

Note: If you see other important threads in this interview, please email suggestions to us.

SBOH 020 Marylin Mahoney and Roger Edwards 2017 transcription



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