Dave Maxwell (SBOH#019)

It was an honor to have Dave participate in this project. For several years we had attempted to schedule an oral history interview with him, but hadn’t quite found the right timing until this semester. Dave has been at the beach since the early 1970s, which makes him one of the residents with the longest history and recollections of the beach. In this interview, he talks about the Salmon Beach that he first encountered in his youth, and then the circumstances of his move to the beach in the early 1970s. There’s also much discussion about some of the vulnerabilities the community has to fire and landslides. He talks quite a bit about he and his wife’s experience raising three boys at the beach, and he frequently mentions the community aspect of Salmon Beach.

Key Information:

Names: Dave Maxwell
Age: 80+
Current Cabin: 75
Date of interview: February 27, 2017
Interview: Lee Nelson (University of Puget Sound)

Note: If you see other important threads in this interview, please email suggestions to us.

SBOH 019 Dave Maxwell 2017 transcription


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