Emelie Peine and Jack Sasser (SBOH#018)

Emelie and Jack are fairly recent arrivals at Salmon Beach, and their cabin is notably unique in its location and construction, as they detail here. In this interview, Emelie and Jack talk about the history of their cabin, some of their experiences moving into the Salmon Beach community a few years ago, and the significance of their particular cabin. They also detail some of the regulations and strictures that are affecting Salmon Beach and the ongoing construction and maintenance of the community. This conversation touches upon some of the longstanding attitudes that characterize the community of Salmon Beach. Finally, Jack and Emelie also discuss at length some of the attractive elements of living in community at Salmon Beach.

Key Information:

Names: Jack Sasser and Emelie Peine
Age: 37 and 40
Current Cabin: 73
Date of interview: February 5th, 2017
Interview: Jessica Brady (University of Puget Sound)

Note: If you see other important threads in this interview, please email suggestions to us.

SBOH 018 Emelie Peine and Jack Sasser 2017 transcription


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