Scooter and Willi, 2017 (SBOH#015)

Scott and Kristin, or Scooter and Willi, as they’re familiarly known at the beach, are members of the last crews of students from the University of Puget Sound who populated the cabins in the 1990s. This interview contains quite a bit of detail about the known history of their home — cabin 82. Moreover, together they’ve significantly rebuilt and improved cabin 82, and there’s quite a bit of detail in this interview about some of the changes they’ve made, and some of the challenges they faced in rebuilding the cabin.

Key Information:
Name: Scott “Scooter” Wurster and Kristin “Willi” Williamson
Age: 45 and 51
Current Cabin: 82
Date of Interview: February 4, 2017
Interviewer: Arielle Kligman (Puget Sound)

Note: If you see other important threads in this interview, please email suggestions to us.

SBOH 015 Scooter and Willi 2017 Transcription


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