Chris Brooks, 2017 (SBOH#011)

Chris Brooks, 2017 (SBOH#011)

Chris Brooks has resided at Salmon Beach for more than two decades, and he was the ideal subject for a follow-up interview (see also SBOH #007) under this semester’s theme of “cabin history,” as he’s been involved in the construction of numerous cabins at the beach, including his own (#76). In this interview, Chris talks at some length about the process of constructing cabin 76, and the overarching salvage ideology that characterizes both his cabin and Salmon Beach’s history. This interview is a bevy of valuable detail.

Key Information:
Name: Chris Brooks
Age: 43
Current Cabin: 76
Date of Interview: February 12, 2017
Interviewer: Griffin Marieb (Puget Sound)

Note: If you see other important threads in this interview, please email suggestions to us.

SBOH 011 Chris Brooks 2017 Transcription



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