Chris Brooks, 2015 (SBOH #007)

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Chris Brooks, 2015 (SBOH#007)

Although certainly not one of the elder Salmon Beach residents, Chris moved to the beach as a Puget Sound student over twenty years ago, and has a particularly deep and nuanced perspective on the beach. This is partially a result of the fact that, in one way or another, he’s worked on most of the houses at Salmon Beach. In this conversation, Chris talks about live at Salmon Beach as an undergraduate at Puget Sound, about the diversity of the Salmon Beach community, and about some of the changes he’s personally witnessed over the past two decades of life at the beach. He talks about the community ethos that’s long been established at the beach, and provides a bit of background about the division between the north and south beach. He talks explicitly about the long and sustained history of the Salmon Beach — Puget Sound connection. He also describes the landslide of 1996, which took out three houses and injured one resident, and which he witnessed firsthand. There’s also a brief discussion of the age-old habit of naming the cabins, and some interesting speculation about the future of the beach.

Cabins Discussed: 38, 39, 53, 54, 56, 64.5, 76, and 87.

Key Information:
Name: Chris Brooks
Age: ?
Current Cabin: 76
Date of Interview: March 24, 2015
Interviewer: Ellica Spjut (University of Puget Sound)

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SBOH#007: Chris Brooks 2015 Transcription