Ed Fahnoe and Chris Hinds, 2015 (SBOH#005)

[Photo here]

Ed Fahnoe and Chris Hinds, 2015 (SBOH#005)

Ed and Chris are, like many of the other initial participants in this project, some of the most senior residents at the beach. This was a joint interview, and the discussion certainly benefitted from the combination of perspectives. Ed himself is known widely on the beach, and has had a hand in building, rebuilding, or fixing many of the houses on the beach. He also trained a younger generation of carpenters, many of whom are still active on the beach today. In this interview, Chris and Ed talk about children on the beach, and their own experiences raising kids on the beach. They talk about gentrification and the changing population of residents. There’s much discussion of the community ethos at the beach, as well as some discussion of the factors that foster and underpin it. Ed briefly discusses his Peace Corps experience — an experience he shares with a few other beach residents. There’s lots of illuminating description of life on the beach in the 70s, and some description of weddings on the beach (including their own). They also mention how dogs — and animals more generally — have also contributed to the beach community. They talk about how many of the materials with which the homes were built were materials scavenged from the Sound. There’s some discussion of the gaps, and the history behind each of those gaps, as well as some discussion of the future of the beach in an era of global warming and rising seas. They talk about growing oysters, and they talk about the long history of births at the beach.

Key Information:
Name: Ed Fahnoe and Chris Hinds
Age: 70s
Current Cabin: 28
Date of Interview: March 22, 2015
Interviewer: Renee Deanne Meschi (Puget Sound)

Note: If you see other important threads in this interview, please email suggestions to us.

SBOH#005: Ed Fahnoe and Chris Hinds 2015 Transcription


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